This southern mom had enough of her kids disrespecting her so she grabbed their phones and her gun YouTube/Screenshot

Maybe this video is fake. Maybe this video is real. Whatever it is, it’s a pretty damn funny video that is going viral on Reddit that alleges to show a mother shooting her kid’s cellphones after they disrespect her.

“This is what happens when you disrespect and cuss your mom in the south,” uploader Josh Smith writes.

Admittedly, Josh Smith sounds like a very fake name.

The video begins with a shot of a woman holding a shot gun as she announces she disavows social media.

Like a Donald Trump Twitter supporter come to life the tattooed woman takes her gun and shoots up the children’s phones.

“I hereby denounce the affects of social media has on my children, their disobedience and their disrespect,” the woman says.


“Fuck you,” one of the children yells at their mom.

“I take back my role as your parent!” mom says.

After the woman takes a mallet to the rest of the devices, one of her kids says that the kids “don’t give two fucks” if she likes them or not.

While all this happens, the family dog sits back and watches with disbelief.


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