This video tells us how to sponsor a millennial so they don’t have to get a job Facebook/Screenshot @John Crist

“There are over 10 million millennials out there who have graduated with no work ethic, no job, no discernible skills at all.”

In this parody of the “with just x amount of cents a day, you can save a life” commercial, this video from John Crist has him making jokes about the status of millennial culture, and introduces a group dedicated to the wellbeing of millennials, Millennial International.

The video talks about the benefits of financially supporting a young person in their twenties, and what you can do for only $2,900 a month to help a millennial.

Essential oils, Audi’s, dog food for rescues, beard oil, Uber rides – these are the things that a monthly contribution can supply to needy millennials.

The video tells a story about Declan, a needy millennial and his sponsor, who tries to give him an apple pie, but of course, Declan is gluten free.

“He didn’t have much energy during our visit, but it turns out he was on a juice cleanse, and I wanted to respect that,” says the speaker, who talks about the times he visits his charge.

Well, at least you made a change for one fortunate millennial, and that’s enough.

Stephen Fasulo About the author:
Stephen Fasulo is a student at the Catholic University of America where he is working on his B.A in English. He is from Hollis Center, Maine.
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