This week in “Unnecessary Censorship,” it’s f-bombs a-plenty

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Every week, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” presents “Unnecessary Censorship,” which is a segment that shows some of the most memorable moments of the week, but re-imagines them with a touch (and sometimes a handful) of vulgarity.

This week was an especially good week since Hillary Clinton reappeared in the public eye and the Republican House of Representatives signed a bill repealing Obamacare.

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It opens with a hilarious moment in the White House Rose Garden with Paul Ryan declaring, “Thank you, Mr. President, thank you for your leadership.” Of course, the crew of video editors over at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” changed the word “thank” into something a bit less flattering. But perhaps, the best clip is the shows take on the story of a person in Virginia who is kidnapping and shaving cats. They hilariously revamp it into “a bizarre story out of Virginia where police are looking for the person or people sh***ing cats.”

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