This woman dumped a bucket of slime on her unsuspecting husband, but he was the one who go the last laugh

YouTube/Pranksters in Love

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, this totally backfired!

The lovable duo from the wildly popular YouTube channel Pranksters in Love are back, and in this prank, they both got a bunch of laughs.

While John was on a run, Nikki cooked up some purple slime, climbed to the top of the carport and waited for her victim. The very unsuspecting John returned from his run and was greeted with a bucketful of “purple boogers” dumped on his head.

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As John freaked out below, Nikki couldn’t control her laughter. It wasn’t until John threw some of the slime on her and went to “clean it” with the hose that she stopped laughing.

Instead of hosing down the carport, John turned the hose on his wife, who tried to get away from the water.

Looks like he got the last laugh.

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