Here’s a lesson: never take accept a Tinder date on the open ocean.

This poor girl, Kayla, had to learn that the hard way when she accepted a date on the high seas with a dude who totally ditched her and wound up making out with some other girl, leaving her stranded.

Instead of pouting in the corner, Kayla decided to send out a virtual S.O.S and live-stream her disastrous date.

“How quickly can we get back to shore? The answer is: we can’t,” she said. “I yelled at one of these boats going by. I told them I would pay them $100 to take me back to shore and they said no.”

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Kayla eventually did some investigating on her companion, Aman. She revealed that he messaged her for six months, but she never responded until he proposed a date on the high seas. She said the first girl she met on the boat was another girl that met Aman on Tinder.

“And now, he’s making out with a very pretty Brazilian girl,” she said. “But it’s okay. He told me, ‘Don’t be uncomfortable. It’s not awkward.'”

Eventually, Kayla was rescued from the horrible date.

“I was rescued! There’s the boat in the distance. I’m going home, guys! I’m going home!”

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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