This young Happy Gilmore forgets to yell “fore” as he smacks golf balls at his dad

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Golf, like fishing and shaving, is one of the things that sons often learn from their fathers. But one child is figuring out the pastime by using his old man as a target rather than a mentor.

Carlos Rodriguez shared this clip of his son smacking golf balls at their home in Santiago, Chile.

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The younger Rodriguez seems to have watched “Happy Gilmore” one too many times, as he has a wind-up that would make the hockey-player-turned-golf-star proud. On a few occasions, he doesn’t even wait for the ball to stop rolling.

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While we admire the youngster for his promising talent, it’s also impossible to overlook the bravery of his father who laughs along as he tries to dodge the flying objects.

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