This guy is one of the finest musical minds on the internet.

Jon Sudano has gotten some traction on YouTube after a video of his went viral on Reddit, all for his series of hilarious videos that cover songs with a pretty amazing twist.

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Sudano films himself singing the lyrics to Smash Mouth’s “All Star” while playing the music of other musicians.

He’s covered the likes of Adele, John Lennon, Evanescence, The Village People and Bastille, all the while filming himself at a low angle, a purposefully unflattering viewpoint.

He’s recently gone from relative obscurity to around 70,000 subscribers and has released several of the Smash Mouth mash-ups. He’ not only started a new trend of dubbing songs with “All-Star” but has also managed to bring focus back to the original song, which all can agree was a seminal classic.

On the page of the music video on YouTube, a following of Sudano’s has infiltrated the comments, as well as Sudano himself leaving a comment saying, “My favorite anime”.

Jon Sudano, you’re an all-star, and those videos are hilarious. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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