This YouTuber tried to transform a carrot into a recorder, but it didn’t exactly work out as hoped YouTube/Guava Juice/Screenshot

YouTuber Roi Wassabi attempted to transform a carrot into a recorder following directions from a Buzzfeed video, but things didn’t really go as he hoped they would.

With his orange knife to match the carrot, Wassabi succeeds at the first task of cutting the end off the carrot, but things go down hill from there. He’s supposed to drill a hole all the way through the long part of the carrot, but his drill is too small, so his hole isn’t large enough. He pulls out a screwdriver to widen the hole, but the carrot ends up cracking. He does that to two carrots in a row but decides to move forward with the first carrot due to the crack being relatively small.

Next, Wassabi is supposed to use a knife to cut one-third of the way through the carrot, but he ends up pressing too hard and cutting an entire piece off.

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“I swear, I wasn’t even trying to do that,” he says.

He switches to the other carrot, and after following more steps, ends up fashioning a semi-decent recorder. He tries to convince viewers that it actually works, but it’s obvious there’s just music in the background.

“If only it was real,” YouTuber user Jake commented.

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