This Tic Tac Santa Beard Will Keep You Fresh for the Holidays

It looks like the holidays just got a little bit better thanks to Tic Tac! ‘Tis the season to decorate your beard, with freshly minted Tic Tac candy cane mints. Yes, because Christmas decorations on your door are so last year and peppermint is pretty much the best thing on earth.

The company got into the festive spirit this holiday season by introducing the ultimate version of Santa’s beard. Because we all know that everyone likes to decorate their beards for Christmas. (Yes, men are putting Christmas ornaments and DIY lights on their beards.) Think of it as a new fresh and sweet accessory.

Tic Tac
Tic Tac

According to the company, the new creation builds on the holiday beard trend bringing Tic Tacs fun-loving personality to the holiday experience. The freshly mint custom look takes inspiration from Saint Nick himself and puts a fun twist to Santa’s iconic white facial hair.

The Tic Tac wearable is made with more than 300 Tic Tac candy cane mints and also features a Tic Tac holster hidden deep within Santa’s beard to ensure that he’s ready to go for the holidays. Because let’s face it, Santa Claus is probably downing cups of coffee in the North Pole because of stress, so he has to make sure his breath always smells fresh.

Wait, but that’s not all! Lucikly for us, Tic Tac announced they will be giving away one custom Tic Tac candy cane Santa Beard and a holiday pack holster to one lucky fan. Yes, now you will be the talk of the holiday party.

All you have to do is follow @TicTACUSA on Instagram and share their Tic Tac’s beard post on your Instagram story by noon on Thursday, December 19, 2019, for the chance to win. Simple as that. Just think about it, you’ll never have to buy Tic Tacs….at least for a little while.

Think of it as the perfect stocking stuffer.

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