Man Eats Garlic and Raw Onion in Repulsive ‘COVID Taste Test’, Becomes Viral

I’ve got to hand it to the social platform for Gen Z’ers known popularly as TikTok. We can poke fun and pull the “older” card on the new generations all we want, but if you have an account on there or have seen other TikTok videos on other social media sites, then you know that after combing through all the lame dances, you can find a ton of useful learning lessons! From cooking to life hacks, TikTok has become increasingly informative, and you can’t deny its usefulness, especially in this TikTok about the coronavirus.

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30-year-old Russell Donnelly (okay, so not specifically Gen Z, but you know what I mean!) is a TikTok creator from New Jersey who tested positive for COVID-19. Which, isn’t really a surprise since pandemic cases around the globe have been rising once again. But anyway, Donnelly (@rustardlikemustard) seized the opportunity to create a funny, light-hearted video about the very real symptoms of testing positive. So he filmed himself doing a little COVID-19 taste test.

TikTok Creator Russell Donnelly Performs COVID Taste Test

One of the COVID-19 symptoms is losing your sense of taste and smell. You could still feel just fine, but test COVID positive if you have a loss of taste from your taste buds. And what better way to figure that out than to try the most extreme tasting foods that you probably would never eat by itself? Because that’s exactly what Donnelly did.

In the viral video, the New Jersey man explained, “I am currently COVID positive and I can’t taste anything,” and further saying that his fans wanted him to try “nasty stuff.” He didn’t necessarily have gross things to eat, but decided to go for foods that were “strong or pungent.” So what all did he consume?

The series of videos show the viral sensation bravely consuming, a chunk of raw onion, a shot of lemon juice and garlic paste, Gerber baby food, a whole lemon, anchovies with capers, mustard, apple cider vinegar, wasabi Oreos, and other weird combinations of foods. His reaction? Nothing.

Struck by reality, the comments popped off in the trending videos, telling the TikTok star to continue the COVID taste test’ trend by trying extreme foods like cat food and ghost peppers. The NYPost said the New Jersey TikTok creator “would’ve killed it on Fear Factor,” and I couldn’t agree more in taking advantage of losing your taste or smell. Besides, this is also another pretty decent process for a rapid test instead of the typical gag-worthy way. But if you can’t taste or smell anything, you should definitely go to the doctor immediately.

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