Time to work on the mustaches! The “Super Troopers 2” teaser is finally here

YouTube/Fox Searchlight

On August 28, Fox Searchlight released the first teaser for the sequel to “Super Troopers.” The minute-long clip features the original gang — Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit, Farva and even Cap. The brief teaser even gives us a few laughs.

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Most importantly, we now have a date for the release of the new film — April 20 — a date known for its ties to marijuana.

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The first film hit theaters in 2002 and, while it received mixed reviews, quickly became a cult classic. The group of comedians behind the film wrote roughly 20 drafts of the script. Lead writer Kevin Heffernan once said the group “tried to do one joke every six seconds.”

The promise of the “Super Troopers 2” began with a call to fans for help with the initial $2 million budget that Fox Searchlight required to distribute the film. The group hit their quota in a day.

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