This Tiny Hand and Feet Manicure Trend is Terrifying

Yes, go ahead and read that title one more time, because I am as confused as you are. Safe to say that beauty trends come and go every day trying to keep up with fashion, but this trend, this trend I do not understand one single bit. I get there are women who like to get crazy designs on their nails, I’m guilty of it too. I love to play around with colors and shapes. But this is insane, right?

To step it up a notch, women are now putting tiny hands and feet on their nails. Yes, so basically they have five fingers on each fingernail, it’s confusing, but keep up with me. The trend reportedly dates back to 2018, but somehow it is still going around which is wild to even think about. Through a short tutorial, the technician crafts the nails into tiny feet where she adds red nail polish on the middle toenail.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Instagram account @Nail Sunny, is known for its quirky and talented designs, but this one got a lot of different responses from people. Because well, not only do you have to use nail polish for your nail but also on the fake hand which has fake nails. Yes, it’s like inception in here.

Basically, the fake nails are put on the hands, and then they are molded into the perfect shape they want, and the artist paints each creepy hand and foot in flesh powder. Then each foot gets a pedicure, and each finger gets a manicure, perfecting all the details.

The Instagram account even has a hand flipping someone off with their fake nails. So if you think about it, it’s kind of like a double flip off. Which is hilarious in itself, but this is too much. Don’t get me wrong, this is pure talent, but I don’t know if I want a little hand coming out of my nail flipping someone off. It’s a little bit excessive.

Still, I would like to have this nail artist’s patience, because I’m sure these take forever to finish. At least two hours hands down. Nail artists ftw? I’m just going to leave some other designs below because some of them are truly impressive. Enjoy.

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