Today in questionable ideas: drone haircuts YouTube screenshot
YouTUbe screenshot -- drone haircut

Drones are the technology of the future. They deliver packages, offer eyes in the sky for journalists and photographers, offer tech enthusiasts something new to tinker with and help wage wars of questionable legality across the globe. Looking at the broad applications of the flying machines, one might start to wonder what they can’t do. Well, YouTuber Simone Giertz may have found a niche that won’t be overtaken by robots any time soon: haircuts.

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Mercifully, Giertz decided to do this trial run on a wig rather than her own hair. It feels less authentic, but frankly, we can’t blame her. Using high tech duct tape, Giertz and her fellow engineers attached clippers and scissors to the drone, endeavoring to create the ultimate flying barber.

Was it a success? Who cares? Just keep it away from our heads.

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