Tom Holland received some pretty terrible celebrity advice from Mark Wahlberg

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

New to the Hollywood scene, Tom Holland received some celebrity advice from a seasoned actor, but it wasn’t exactly good advice.

Holland, who in 2015 was cast as Peter Parker/Spiderman in Marvel Cinematic Universe, was making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, when he received advice from another guest on the show –Mark Wahlberg.

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After being asked to give the young actor some advice on navigating life in Hollywood, Wahlberg claimed he was “the last person [Holland] should ask for advice.” Wahlberg mentioned that he went to jail before having a career, so since Holland had never been to jail, he would go sometime during his career.

While he said Holland didn’t want any advice from him, Wahlberg went on to tell the newcomer to live in Los Angeles, get a jacuzzi and a medical marijuana license.

“Have some fun dude,” Wahlberg said. “Have some fun for me.”

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