Topless, Breastfeeding Woman Saves Pet Goose From a Bald Eagle

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, the title just about sums it up. Cait Oakley, a new mother living off the coast of Vancouver Island, went viral last week after chasing off an eagle that was trying to snatch off her pet goose. And she did it while breastfeeding. Lucky for us, the entire spectacle was caught on a security camera.

“Mother Goose” in Action

Cait Oakley

Cait Oakley spoke to several news outfits following the popularity of this crazy video. Turns out she lives in British Columbia along with her husband, newborn daughter — and her beloved goose Franky. They also keep chickens and leading up to the events in the video, Oakley said that they’d recently lost three to predator bald eagles.

“There’s a lot going on,” she told Jeanne Moos of CNN when questioned about the heroic rescue. (She also revealed to Moos that the underwear seen in the video is actually a pair of her husband’s Costco boxers.)

Luckily, Franky survived the attack unscathed, thanks to mom. And he even has his own TikTok channel.

Franky the Goose

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