Tracy Morgan heckles his buddy Seth Meyers while wearing his best “Denzel Washington” outfit

On Friday night, Seth Meyers had a pretty wild show — his team completely rewrote the script at the last minute after Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference.

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However, that wasn’t the only curveball thrown at the “Saturday Night Live” alumnus, as he received a very loud “boo” from the audience and looked into the crowd to see Tracy Morgan (wearing a fake mustache).

Meyers, in his best surprised voice, asked, “Tracy, what’re you doing?” to which the actor responded, “I’m not Tracy Morgan, I’m wearing a hat and a mustache.”

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Meyers didn’t really know what to say and asked, “If you’re not Tracy Morgan, then who are you?”

The answer, which had the audience in stitches, was, “I’m Denzel Washington.”

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