Terrible Lumberjack Crushes House with Massive Tree


A man was filmed felling a tree with a chainsaw right next to a small house that abutted the woods he was working in and said tree cutting went about as poorly as a tree cutting could go. The tree was cut down and then it immediately crushed a house. Not an ideal attempt at tree removal.

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The video of this arborist fail was posted online to TikTok (and then Reddit), and was purportedly filmed in the first place because the spotter for the man cutting down the tree warned the man not to cut the tree, but apparently when you’re holding a chainsaw you don’;t have to take orders from anyone.

Reddit use Jellyrollrider explains:

Context: the guy cutting the tree is the business owner. The guy filming is his employee working as a spotter. The spotter told the boss not to drop the tree but the boss didn’t listen and did it anyways. Employee quit the next day.

Lumberjack drops tree on customers house from PublicFreakout

It really can’t be stated enough that this is NOT the way you cut down huge trees. One has to wonder if this was being done by a tree service because if it was they need to be put out of business real quick.

A couple thoughts:

1. Uh damn I hope no one was in that home.

2. It’s hilarious that people can get cocky and stubborn about something this dangerous. You’re not mowing a lawn. You’re trying to safely take down a monster tree that could fall and kill someone if you do it wrong. Or, you know, destroy a house.

3. Do you think you can cut down a tree? You can’t. Please don’t try.

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