Trevor Noah has a laugh at Ann Coulter’s expense: “She’s basically the airplane Rosa Parks”

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Ann Coulter has become the butt of a lot of jokes since she decided to unleash a tweetstorm on Delta airlines. Apparently, the airline moved her a few seats and the conservative commentator was furious. It’s sort of unclear what she was mad about, but Coulter caught heat for posting a picture of innocent passengers on her Twitter.

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On Monday night, Daily Show host Trevor Noah let the jokes fly. He began by declaring, “People, this is the Civil Rights struggle of our generation. […] Ann Coulter is basically airplane Rosa Parks.” Following his bit, the Daily Show cut to their “aviation correspondent,” who claimed to be outside the U.N., where the Human Rights Council was “in an emergency to address this terrible injustice.” Later he bellowed, “I stand with Ann! All legroom matters!” As of Monday night, Coulter was still tweeting angry messages at Delta, and there’s no reason to believe that she’ll slow down any time soon.

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