Woman Arrested for Twerking Naked on Top of Car in H-E-B Parking Lot Austin Police Department
Austin Police Department

Boy, oh boy. Your true colors are showing, Austin, Texas. You are definitely keeping it weird, and this proves it! Turns out a woman was arrested for doing a “sexually provocative dance” on top of a car at an H-E-B parking lot. Yes, this woman just wanted to dance right then and there and wanted the whole world to see. Wonderful.

Austin police responded to a call about two women fighting at an H-E-B located on Lamar Blvd when they saw the woman was physically on top of the car. After being asked to get off of the car by police, 31-year-old Kisa Trinee Taylor refused and decided to take off her pants. She then continued to twerk her life away while being butt naked. So classy.

According to the affidavit, police quickly detained the Texas woman, because well, no one wants to see an adult woman twerking, and arrested her for disorderly conduct and put her in the back of their patrol car. Making things even worse for herself, Taylor allegedly spit on the officer’s face through an open window.

So, she was booked into Travis County Jail and charged with harassment of a public servant and was given a bond of $3,000. Now, I have no idea in what condition this woman was, but my guess is that she was either on crack or beyond the levels of intoxication. Because well, what brave soul just pops up on top of a car and then decides to start dancing?

H-E-B isn’t sixth street lady, you could have easily just walked a few blocks and danced over there. Everyone knows that’s where the real party is on a Tuesday. Still, this whole incident happened at 11 in the morning, can you imagine what she gets up to during happy hour?

Beat that, Walmart.

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