Twitter Thinks That Meghan Markle Attended King Charles’ Coronation in Disguise

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A master of disguise, Meghan Markle is not. A theory circulating Twitter that the Duchess of Sussex attended King Charles’s coronation wearing an elaborate disguise has turned out to be false.

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How did this rumor get started? Well, a few Twitter users thought that one coronation guest’s over-the-top facial hair and large glasses looked a little suspicious. While many commented that the man’s appearance resembled a stereotypical disguise, the New York Post tells us that some took it further by claiming that it was Meghan Markle behind the mustache.

“Megan, you’re not fooling us…” one user wrote above a photo of the guest.

Mysterious Guest Revealed to Be Composer, Not Meghan

However, it looks like the Meghan conspiracy theorists were way off. The mystery guest turned out to be 79-year-old composer Sir Karl Jenkins. And, yes, the facial hair is real.

The BBC tells us that King Charles commissioned a concerto by Sir Karl over twenty years ago, and part of that work was played at the coronation. The piece, inspired by a Welsh folk song, is titled “Tros y Garreg,” which means “Crossing the Stone.” It was performed by the coronation orchestra during the ceremony.

Of his own piece, Sir Karl remarked, “It’s haunting, it’s very Welsh and the story is redolent of a soldier returning home and crossing the stile.” The composer also said that he was “very honoured” that his work was chosen for this momentous occasion.

“I don’t know whether he chose it, but he was happy to have it there. I know he likes it otherwise he wouldn’t have asked me,” he added, referring to King Charles.

As for Meghan Markle, Entertainment Tonight reports that her coronation day plans involved celebrating her son Archie’s birthday with a few close-knit loved ones. Sunday morning, the Duchess of Sussex was spotted hiking with friends near her California home.

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