For almost five decades, Big Bird, the giant yellow bird from “Sesame Street,” has been educating children all across the globe.

Big Bird is undoubtedly one of the shows most recognizable television stars, but how much do we actually know about the humongous talking fowl?

Not a lot, as it turns out. But, an Aussie comedian by the name of Tom Walker has been doing some thinking:

“As his name is not “Biggest Bird,” we are to understand that ‘Sesame Street’ is home to at least one, perhaps more, truly immense unseen birds,” Walker’s tweet reads.

We genuinely can’t believe that nobody has had this thought before — it just makes so much sense!

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Naturally, Walker’s musings caught the attention of some of his fellow Twitter users, and some of the replies are quite hilarious.

This guy wants to know what “Sesame Street” look like behind the scenes:

These folks had similar reactions to us:

In this tweet, one user poses another theory —  Pokémon style evolution:

This person listed the stages of Big Bird’s evolution:

For some people, the idea of one Big Bird was terrifying enough. They don’t need images of several bigger Big Birds burned into their brains:

So there it is – the theory that there are more Big Birds. You’ll never watch “Sesame Street” again, and if you do, good luck falling asleep.

Twitter user poses frightening theory about Big Bird, and we are shook Mike Lawrie/Getty Images
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