Two Fans Literally Paid $40,000 to Smoke Weed With Seth Rogan

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

What’s better than laughing while watching a Seth Rogan movie? How about laughing while sitting next to Rogan and smoking pot?

That may not be your thing, and understandably so. But for two fans, the idea was worth $40,000. For that, Rogan should probably do more than just smoke weed with you. He should probably also provide the snacks for when the munchies kick in.

Actually, Rogan will be doing more than just smoking weed. He will also be teaching pottery to the big spenders.

No, seriously.

Seth Rogan on Instagram

All of this was made possible by the auction held by Rogan and wife Lauren Miller Rogen at the recent Hilarity for Charity event, which raises funds for Alzheimer’s.

“Ten years we’ve been doing this,” Rogan said of selling himself as a pot-smoker, via LadBible. “I’m still a famous person, that’s nice! This whole thing could have come crashing down, but no.”

This was just one item up for auction at the event, with multiple celebrities raising funds.

For instance, John Mayer will be giving private guitar lessons to one recipient for $26,000. Another paid $24,000 for skateboarding lessons from Tony Hawk.

In other words, smoking weed with Rogan was viewed as nearly twice as valuable as useable skills from other masters of their craft. But perhaps no one is as much of an expert in their field as Rogan is at smoking weed.

Bottom line: They don’t call him a funny guy for nothing.

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