“Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey?” Two girls hilariously fall for pregnant turkey prank — watch at 1:10

Two girls were carving their family’s turkey when they found something that disturbed them — another bird was inside of it.

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They immediately freaked out and asked, “Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey?” thinking that the bird was pregnant.

Two girls carving a turkey, removing the stuffing when the encounter a second turkey inside the original. “Why is there a turkey inside a turkey?” the young woman asks. Photo: screenshot/YouTube/Nerissa Hawkinson

The carver pulls out a smaller bird, and calls the act a “f*cked up crime.”

“Mom, she’s pregnant,” the girl screams.

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The thing is, turkey, like chicken, do not get pregnant, they lay eggs.

“Since I grew up on a farm, raising turkeys and chickens, I can’t imagine how someone could fall for this trick, but man is this hysterical!!!” radio host Delilah wrote on her Facebook page after sharing the video.

Would you have fallen for this pregnant turkey prank?

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