Two TV characters looked shockingly alike, so the actors playing them met up to show off the resemblance Twitter @rejectedjokes
Twitter Ben Schwarz -- @rejectedjokes

Actors Joe Keery and Ben Schawrtz, who play the characters Steve and Jean-Ralphio on “Stranger Things” and “Parks and Recreation,” respectively, bear a truly incredible resemblance to one another. Just check out the Instagram video above, which even shows that they can sound alike.

Fans of the two shows have noted the resemblance before, so Keery and Schwartz decided to meet up and see just how similar they really were.

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Is one actor the other’s time-hopping father? Or perhaps they’re time-traveling versions of one another? Are they long-lost relatives? Is there  a secret government program to clone talented actors and thus fuel the growth of TV as a medium? Who can say for certain? All we know is that these two are mirror images.

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