Two Women Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine Inside Their Hair Extensions

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Videos by Rare

There’s no shortage of ways in which people try to smuggle drugs, even if it means putting them in your hair — or in the case of two Colombian women, your hair extensions.

Both women were detained, separately, at separate airports. So that means more than one person came up with this hair-brained idea. Each reportedly had nearly two kilos hidden in their extensions.

The women were heading to Madrid, Spain, per reports. The theory is if they were doing it, so have others. These two just got caught.

Women Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine Inside Their Hair Extensions

The women were detained after a body scan revealed foreign objects in the plumped hairstyles, according to authorities.

Photos of how the women tried to conceal the coke were released by the Columbian police, and without a body scan, you’d have to wonder if the crime ever would have been uncovered.

According to reports, 1.950 kilos of substance were seized in all. So next time someone is at a Colombian airport with a weave, it might take a minute before police allow them to leave. Honestly, this is pretty impressive, not gonna lie I would never think someone is hiding drugs in their hair. Dare I say it’s even, genius? I mean, think about it….if you don’t go under the full body scanner, you could probably get away with it.

Someone in Colombia definitely did this before, and it worked. Which is why the two women attempted it, but nope. Busted. Time to come up with another way, dealers! Just kidding, I don’t condone smuggling drugs into an airport. But I will say this is clever.

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