Uber Driver Accidentally Shoots Passenger

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Videos by Rare

A Florida Uber driver is in trouble after his gun went off while he attempted to secure it in a holster as a passenger was loading their luggage into his vehicle’s trunk. Though the police can’t confirm it, it probably didn’t help that before going to load the luggage the passenger told the Uber driver, “Listen, man. I just wanna let you know that I, just, cannot listen to you talk about how this is a temporary gig and that you have big business plans. Not today. Because one, I don’t believe you. Two, I don’t care. And three, I’m just too damn tired to listen to it and politely encourage you right now. Okay?”

Hollywood, Florida police say 27-year-old Adrian Harper was attempting to secure the gun that was laying in his passenger seat when it discharged and hit a “juvenile passenger” in the backseat. The juvenile passenger was taken to the hospital.

Harper was issued a misdemeanor notice to appear in court for culpable negligence inflicting harm, which feels… light? He must’ve been really convincingly insistent that he didn’t mean to shoot that kid. His gun was also, at least, confiscated by police.

That’s how it always goes with your Uber driver though, isn’t it? They can’t find where to pick you up, or they miss their exit, or they cancel the ride after you’ve been waiting for twenty minutes, or they accidentally shoot your kid because their handgun was sitting in the passenger seat next to their Android phone that’s charging on a nearly completely frayed charger and when they reached for it the gun went off because the trigger got caught on the straw from their two days old McDonald’s soda.

We’ve all been there.

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