Uncle Phil Was at His Coolest During His “Pool Hustle” on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

YouTube screenshot -- Frehs Prince Uncle Phil pool hustle

James Avery’s Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air often acted as a voice of reason, keeping Will on the straight and narrow when he was in danger of doing something foolish.

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In one episode, Will found himself in debt after losing a game of pool to a shark, and Uncle Phil arrived to bail him out. He didn

Asking his butler Geoffrey to grab him one of those “stick thingies,” it looked like Uncle Phil should have just paid Will’s debt instead of trying to win the money back. He lost the first game in embarrassing fashion. But when the pool shark upped the ante, Uncle Phil was done playing around.

Geoffrey, break out Lucile.

The butler pulls out Uncle Phil’s personal pool cue and screws it together, and the pool sharks suddenly realize they’ve run across a bigger fish than they can handle.

As Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man” plays in the background, and Will looks on with awe and glee, Uncle Phil easily defeats the sharks with a host of trick shots, some performed one-handed while he’s eating a sandwich. After the trouncing is through, he warns the sharks never to mess with Will again.

We wish we had an uncle as cool as Phil.

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