Twitter has once again been set ablaze by a bizarre photograph.

This time, the photograph in question features an innocent looking toilet bowl. But look a little closer, and you’ll notice something odd.

Something disgusting.

Yep. That’s definitely a lipstick print in the shape of a pair of lips. You’re eyes are not deceiving you.

We have SO MANY questions!

Who? Why? How?

Did someone actually get down on their knees and slap a big wet kiss on the inside of a disgusting toilet bowl? Evidently, yes!

It was Twitter user @ClawedHumor who initially shared the image on the social media/micro-blogging platform, and his followers had some rather hilarious follow-up comments:

There’s a probably a lesson to be learned here, but it can’t be “Don’t kiss the inside of a toilet bowel,” because literally every person on the planet (apart from one, apparently) knows that!

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