Unsurprisingly, playing “Mousetrap” with real mousetraps is fun to watch, but painful to play Good Mythical Morning - YouTube - Screenshot
Good Mythical Morning - YouTube - Screenshot

This video was uploaded to Good Mythical MORE, which is the channel Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning use to post all their bonus content.

The video features the GMM hosts playing a twisted version of the classic board game “Mousetrap.” Rhett and Link have placed actual mousetraps at various squares on the board.

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When one of them lands on a square that contains a mousetrap, they have to a remove a piece of paper cheese from the mousetrap and then place their counter on the mousetrap.

Obviously, mousetraps are very sensitive, and they hurt. A lot. So if you enjoy watching YouTubers get hurt, you’ll love this video.

The video was a bonus follow-up to a “Good Mythical Morning” episode in which Rhett and Link played around with a two-month-old burrito.

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