Ouch, pal. We’re days and hundreds of miles away from this clip, and we’re still smarting.

There’s not a lot to explain here: a pair, forced together on Kiss Cam, suddenly forced to bear the pressure of being broadcast to a venue full of sports fans. It happened at a Houston Rockets game this week.

Are they friends? Are they on a date? Had they ever considered kissing before? Gulp.

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Both stare at the camera for an excruciatingly long time, their faces turning from surprise to soft unease as they realize the camera’s not moving until they kiss. The guy reluctantly, we’ll add goes for it. His date/stranger/friend/unwilling participant leans in and turns her cheek.

The Kiss Cam doesn’t miss it. Can’t get anything past a Kiss Cam. A sign is added to the screen reading “FRIEND ZONE!”


Other Twitter users feel the same:

An unsuspecting man gets destroyed on arena’s Kiss Cam Twitter/@World_Wide_Wob
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