Vida Coco’s Social Media Employee Peed In a Jug To Prove a Twitter Troll Wrong Twitter: @Vitacoco / @Tonyposnaski
Twitter:@Vita Coco / @tonyposnaski

Warning! Don’t get on Vita Coco’s bad side…because you might get a jar of pee! Turns out the coconut water’s community coordinator, Lane Rawlings, tweeted an image of herself on the brand’s main account, holding on to a jug of what she claims in her own urine! Why did she do this? Well, because of a nasty and humorous troll who basically got what he deserved.

Basically, Tony Posnanski, an amateur MMA fighter, posted a tweet saying, “Popular opinion: Coconut water is fucking disgusting.” Which in all defense, I totally get him, coconut water sucks, but obviously, Vita Coco wasn’t having it one bit. So they decided to stir the pot a little bit and use their Twitter account to give the coconut water hater a piece of their mind.

Obviously, trying to protect their brand, Vita Coco’s social media team attempted to change Posnanski’s view of coconut water by replying, “Let us send you some, don’t know it till you try it.” So what does this man do? He slaps them on the wrist and says, “Fuck that. Save that nasty shit for someone else. I would rather drink your social media person’s piss than coconut water.”

And boom. The social media team came through, and voila. The piss in a jar was ready for shipping. Of course, the Twitter troll was satisfied with the effort of the coconut water brand, because well, it’s funny. Props to the social team for really trying to salvage this man hatred for coconut water. But I do a have to admit it’s a little gross.

Nevertheless, It’s a great stunt move if you ask me.

Of course, upon closer inspection of this whole situation, I became increasingly…let’s say skeptical, that the jar actually contained urine. Because one, the color is wayyyy to green, and two, just look at the amount of pee in that jar! She must have drunk a whole gallon of coconut water just to get that much liquid!


But, looking for more clues on Twitter, I was able to find a conversation that was sent to the brand by a New York magazine reporter and Vita Coco. In which yes, they say the like the liquid was in fact pee. So nonchalant.

Bold move, Vita Coco! I commend you, Twitter is your throne now. That is how you get your audience moving. This social media team is rocking it. Regardless if it IS pee or not, you’re winning 2019 already.

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