Viral Pornstar Claims She Sleeps With Over 10,000 People a Year

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Viral pornstar Sophie Anderson claims she sleeps with over 10,000 people a year. Anderson, 33, who became internet famous along with pornstar Rebecca More, began her career as a teenage escort. The number of people she has sex with every day is mind-boggling.

On a podcast interview with The Fellas, Anderson told hosts Calfreezy and Chip that she “was seeing at least 10 to 20 clients a day” at the start of her career. She did that for 16 years, until breaking the internet with Rebecca More after making a gang bang video.

Now, Anderson and more have a popular OnlyFans account where they can be their own bosses. But back in the day, Anderson had to put up with greedy bosses and clients who could become violent and scary. As an escort, she experienced being drugged, raped, tied up and abandoned.

“In the massage parlors, it was like 80 pounds ($92), but the management would take your first two clients, so you don’t get anything for the first two,” Anderson told The Fellas hosts. “At the end of the day, that’s your f—ing body, I want to be paid top dollar.”

Sophie Anderson Considers Sex to Be Therapeutic

She also explained that having sex for her is therapeutic.

“Honestly, it’s mental. The only way I could stay sane is to have sex,” she said. She continued that she still feels similarly, although now her circumstances are a bit different. Now she only sleeps with about 15 people every week.

“Because of my sex drive, if I don’t have it, I get mental,” Anderson said. “That’s my thing to keep me high all the time.”

She compared her sex drive to how some people like to go to the gym and said that sex has replaced what used to be a cocaine addiction.

Anderson made other news this past March when one of her breast implants exploded after she got sepsis. It was the fourth sepsis diagnosis in one year, leading one of her massive 32JJ implants to explode, sending her to the hospital.

While in the hospital, Anderson’s boyfriend, pornstar Damian Oliver, proposed to her with a Haribo gummy ring. He also brought her an English bull terrier puppy, who they named “Bullseye.”

Anderson told The Daily Star that she was concerned for her health and how she would continue supporting her four children.

“My whole world has come crashing down – it is pretty awful,” she told Daily Star. “My career that I love is in tatters. I am known for having massive boobs and I was going to have them enlarged this year but it’s just not going to happen. I’m so worried because how am I going to provide for my family? Will anyone employ me again?”

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