Viral Trend Has People Pouring Cheap Vodka Through a Brita Filter

Who doesn’t want vodka that tastes like water?

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If the answer is you, well, you’re in luck. All you apparently need is a Brita filter. That comes straight from (drumroll, please) TikTok, where the concept has (you guessed it) gone viral.

But the question is, does it actually work?

It seems as if the answer is yes. And if not water, it tastes like “nothing,” some TikTok users have suggested.

@floridamomof3 Vodka in the Brita filter #target #costcomamma #LikeAMonarch #kirklandsignature #vodka #britawaterfilter #foryou #foryoupage #foru ♬ original sound – Costco mamma & Maddie

Granted, this concept really isn’t all that new. College students and weekend warriors have been using Brita to filter out everything from vodka to Crown Royal to multiple other adult beverages for years — or at least trying.

But it’s only recently that the concept has gained some traction, and as always, thanks in large part to social media.

Sydney and Katie, two popular pals on TikTok, gave a fair warning in their own video on the process.

“When I tell y’all it tastes like water,” Katie said after taking the filtered shot.

Then Sydney followed by sending out a fairly reasonable warning.

“That is dangerous,” Sydney said.


Brita vodka trick actually works we are shocked

♬ original sound – Sydneyguy

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