Viral video prank of a frozen New York City street has people shivering with laughter

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

New disaster movie “Geostorm” starring Gerard Butler will be premiering in theaters worldwide on Oct. 20. In order to draw attention to extreme weather conditions and generate some buzz for the film, Warner Bros. devised an elaborate prank involving a taxi trip to a disaster stricken area of New York City.

The taxi passengers, who are not in on the prank, learn of an impending and dangerous snow storm through the TV screens in the back of the cab. The shocking news is delivered to them by local NYC celebrity and NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan — which adds a layer of legitimacy to the devious prank.

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“Some areas are experiencing sudden and extreme drops in temperature and severe icing conditions. This is happening very rapidly, in some areas within seconds,” the anchor warns in the pretend breaking news alert, as the taxi moves down a blizzard-stricken street filled with people who appear to be frozen.

Things get even scarier when birds start falling from the sky, and a partially frozen but still very much alive man terrifies the passengers by begging them to let him in.

The prank was executed by Thinkmodo, who put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything went off without a hitch. The clean-up can’t have been pleasant.

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