Viral Video Shows Passenger Throwing A Fit and Threatening Flight Attendant Over WATER

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Videos by Rare

When you’re thirsty, it cannot wait. So when someone asks you for a drink of water, by golly, you should just hurry up and give it to them.

That’s not exactly how it went down when one unruly passenger requested his “aqua” when threatened a flight attendant in Bangkok. But the passenger did send a pretty strong message. As relayed in a TikTok video, he threatened to “push you over” if the flight attendant failed to find him a drink.

The video is below, but warning, some of the language uttered by the passenger is raw.

“Why you don’t give me f***ing water, you f***king idiot,” the passenger demands to know.

Passenger Threatens Flight Attendant Over WATER

@simplyhappy777 On 8 Nov 2022, on sq711 landed at Singapore Terminal 2 from Bangok this crazy passenger threatened to push over the sq crew if he does not give him water. The seat belt sign is still on and he suppose to be seated. Wasted all the passenger time for the ground staff security to take him off the plane.#stomp ♬ original sound – user6163865113147

On the bright side, the man is arrested and removed from the plane. To some hearty applause from the rest of the passengers.

But as you can plainly see, at least he got his water first. He took two sips before being carted off to a Singapore jail, where we presume he remains today. They may or may not have bottled water there.

Also, what’s up with people getting rowdy on airplanes? You hear so many stories now about how passengers are yelling and causing so much chaos! Remember when a guy decided to act like Mike Tyson and bit and punched another passenger? Which was dumb because he just managed to delay the flight, making it a terrible terrible day for everyone.

Can we just be decent humans for once, and just have a normal flight?

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