Waffle House Erupts Into Wild WWE-Brawl Involving Cooks and Customers

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A WWE-Esque brawl erupted at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas last week. No joke, customers, and cooks looked like they were out to get blood and ready for more. Bystanders looked on and the fight scene circulated around the internet faster than you can say, Aunt Jemima.

It’s not clear what exactly the problem was at the beginning, but the video shows a verbal altercation between a cashier and a table of customers. A managerial type is meekly standing by the table, not managing to actually do anything. Meanwhile, the entire restaurant seems to shut down like Southwest Airlines at Christmastime. “I just want my waffles,” says the dude taking the video.

Next thing you know, two ladies from the angry-customer table have infiltrated the cook line. One is behind the counter and the other standing on it. The woman on the counter lobs what looks like a wallet into the waffle irons. She leaps off, yelling, and someone from the kitchen throws a glass coffee pitcher at her. It shatters all over the floor.

It’s on.

The Waffle House Fight Only Gets Better (Or Worse) From Here

One of the customers then leaps on a counter like she wants to kill someone but slips and falls face-first into the kitchen. Meanwhile, the cook who lobbed the coffee maker starts throwing punches. Facepalms and hair pulls are happening everywhere as others try to break up the fight.

Oh, but there’s more. Everything seems calm for a second as the cluster of disgruntled employees and customers moves to the edge of the kitchen. Then we see the human cluster continue to throw blind bunches, everyone holding each other’s heads down and still trying to get a blow in.

Right when we think the customers have been kicked out, we see one of the ladies grab a jug of milk and toss it aside. She has her sights on something better.

She walks around to the dining area and then chucks a chair into the kitchen. And then another. A blonde female cook behind the counter is now making a “come closer, give it to me” gesture with her hands and smiling maniacally.

“You’re about to go to jail!” yells the videographer. And then the customer chucks one final chair before walking away.

Hopefully some of these folk make it into the big leagues soon.

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