Walmart Employee Films Self Quitting Over Store PA System in Fiery Tirade


A Walmart employee had a resignation for the ages after she got on the loudspeaker and told off every last one of her most hated co-workers and managers before announcing that she quit.

Attention Walmart Shoppers

Shana Ragland is trending on TikTok, Twitter, and elsewhere on social media for her incredible resignation video from a Walmart in Lubbock, Texas after what she claims was nearly two years of enduring a toxic work environment.

And this video does not mess around. She drags every single person who wronged her during her tenure. Garden Center perverts who say weird things to young girls, managers who were racist to black associates, the people in Cap 2 (whatever that is), some guy named Larry maybe, the people in Sporting Goods, her “prick of a manager”, other racist coworkers, someone she believes is a stinky prick, and pretty much everyone else who made her Walmart job miserable.

This Tirade is Legit

Just in case you think this TikTok video was staged, as some Twitter users suggested, it’s not. Another person recorded Ragland’s PA system rant from inside the store.

And again, this is pretty fantastic. Reminiscent of the scene from Half Baked where one of the characters gets on the mic and tells all the customers and workers off (except one guy who was cool) before quitting.

Classic. Honestly if you don’t like the job — or, more accurately, it’s terrible — and you don’t need a reference why the hell not go a little scorched earth on the place. If what Ragland was saying is true it’s hard to blame her for getting a little spicy before peacing out.

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