Walmart Offered a Woman Mushrooms as Replacement for Tampons

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

LOL. Walmart, Ohio Walmart, it doesn’t get any better than this. Usually, when you write stories about Walmart it involves some sort of a crazy brawl. You know, basic Walmart stuff. But this time, the company is going viral after a tweet pretty much sent Twitter into chaotic hysterics after a customer claimed that they tried to substitute their tampons with mushrooms. Yes, some employee who was probably high as a kite thought that mushrooms would work instead of tampons. You know, because pads were out of the story.

 Usually when an item isn’t available online, Walmart tries to replace it with an item that is similar to the one the customer is looking for. It’s been known that customers aren’t always happy when it comes to replacements because sometimes employees choose the most ridiculous things. As in this case, it was mushrooms. But luckily, if a customer isn’t happy with the alternative, they can go ahead and reject it and receive a full refund. Some stores also let shoppers cancel the item as a whole.

No Tampons? How About Some Mushrooms

User @ask_aubry did just that but not before showing the hilarious incident online. “Hi Walmart, I don’t think mushrooms will work,” she tweeted.  She also decided to share her screenshot of the email which offered the bazaar swap. As expected, Twitter users went hysterical about the situation.

“A great metaphor for our time. As long as you buy what we sell, we couldn’t care less if that’s absolutely not what you need,” one Twitter user wrote. Another one jokes, “The content strategist in me is desperately trying to figure out if it’s even possible for these two items to share a related tag in the backend system.”

“My daughters pads were substituted for a block of cheddar cheese. The same delivery substituted our chocolate cake with a block of cheese too…” another one stated.

Whatever this employee was thinking when he suggested mushrooms, I got to hand it to him. Maybe he was having a bad day? Or maybe he just generally wasn’t interested in even looking for another brand of tampons. Who knows, Walmart being Walmart am I right?

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