Watch Alex Jones explode while watching a particularly traumatizing episode of “The Price is Right”

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Video editor extraordinaire dawnDreamer recently uploaded this brilliant creation to YouTube which draws a comparison between Hillary Clinton and “The Price it Right.”

The video features eccentric conservative radio host Alex Jones — who usually gets all riled up over the existence of Secretary Clinton and other “globalist puppets” — freaking out over a retro episode of the legendary game show.

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At first, it’s not clear what’s going on in this video. If you didn’t know it was edited, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was real — that is, until Jones blows up.

Alex Jones is such a bizarre human and he’s only got himself to blame for this. He just so easy to mock. He behaves so oddly on his show that there’s an abundance of material for jokesters to work with.

There’s plenty more of these Alex Jones parody videos on dawnDreamer‘s YouTube channel:

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