DIY Tooth Extraction Ends in Shattering Disappointment

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Dentists aren’t just expensive, they’re mean! It seems like all they want to do is mentally scar you by telling you you’re useless because you probably don’t floss as much as you should, and then they inflict intense physical discomfort on you and expect you to pay for the honor. It’s no wonder that some people decide to take matters in to their own hands. How hard can it be to remove a tooth without dental surgery?

Well, if you’re the family in this video, the answer is “very.”

America’s Funniest Home Videos is always bringing funny videos of all kinds to entertainment. AFV is known for its funny prank videos, funny fail videos, funny animal videos, funny kid videos, funny baby videos, bloopers…you get the gist. This includes funny tooth pulling videos. And we’re not talking about the wisdom teeth kind.

One member of this family decided to pull out loose tooth using the trusty old door-string method that involves one end being tied around the problematic tooth, the other end being tied to a door and then the door being slammed so the tooth gets pulled out by the weight of the door. It may seem like a creative way to remove a tooth, but I don’t think the tooth fairy would appreciate the method.

Things definitely don’t go according to plan though. We won’t spoil the end of the video, but let’s just say they’re going to need a glazier. It’s a funny thing to try and take matters into your own hands, even seemingly for the first time. I mean, they couldn’t have gone about this any other way? But now that I think about it, taking pliers to a loose tooth may not be so safe either. That was the first alternative method that came to my mind at least.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on May 16, 2017.

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