Watch Bryan Cranston and James Franco freak out while eating super hot wings YouTube screenshot

“Hot Ones,” a show that has its guests eat ridiculously hot chicken wings and then answer questions, recently featured actors Bryan Crantson and James Franco.

The show began with Franco nervous and Cranston cocky. But both embraced the challenge of eating wings that measure in the hundreds of thousands on the Scoville scale of heat in peppers.

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The two, who star in the new film “Why Him?” answered questions about meeting the fathers of girlfriends. Cranston advised not to try to impress the father, saying it’ll come with time.

Then they talked about facial hair; Cranston discussed having the most famous goatee in the world as Walter White on “Breaking Bad,” and James Franco commented on his weird series of mustaches and his inability to grow facial hair in general, saying he can’t do it very well because his grandmother is Swedish.

“So her beard is blonde?” Cranston asked.

As the heat elevated, the two begin to sweat while they talked about their history with restaurants. Franco mentioned McDonald’s, while Cranston told a story about being investigated for murder while he worked at a restaurant.

Then they dove into Franco’s Instagram account to puzzle out some questionable posts, and ended the episode by putting extra hot sauce on the last wing.

Finally, they sweated through the plug they earned for eating the wings — a job well done.

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