Watch Conan’s staffers go head-to-head with Alec Baldwin in an epic Trump-off

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While Comedy Central is hosting “The President Show” with their own Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin’s “Saturday Night Live” impression is still the king of the hill. On Thursday night, Baldwin appeared on “Conan” and discussed the impression, saying that just about everybody he meets has their own impression.

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Conan revealed that members of his staff have their own Trump impression; inevitably, Baldwin challenged the employees to a Trump-off.

The first staffers were no match for Baldwin, who pulled out Trump’s “Andrew Jackson would have stopped the Civil War” quote and then the “chocolate cake” quip. But the battle really escalated when Jack McBrayer (a man who has almost nothing in common with President Trump) stepped out on stage and belted out his own impression. McBrayer’s impression was embarrassingly bad, probably because he’s not the kind of guy who can make a discussion about horrible things seem normal.

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