Steve Hofstetter is a comedian whose nickname is “The Heckler Destroyer”. He has made a career of taking unruly viewers of comedy and dressing them down from the stage, accruing 45 million views on YouTube through his strategic and ruthless takedowns.

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In this video, Hofstetter describes a show in Salisbury, Maryland. He describes the show as a great crowd with the audience being standing room only with the exception being four people who did not pay attention to Hofstetter’s performance.

“During my opener’s set, he asked them to be quiet, and a bouncer had to go over and threaten to kick them out.”

Hofstetter did his set and then took questions from his audience, and while answering a question about the start of his comedy career, one of the group of four began to try and get Hofstetter’s attention.

“Wait… I have a god damned question,” said one of the hecklers. Hofstetter then goes through some of his jokes and gets back to the heckler. When he finally asked the people what the question was.

“What are you doing later?” asked the heckler.

“Honest answer? Anything else,” said Hofstetter, he then went on a small rant about their poor attitude. “I’m single, but I’m not that single.”

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