This man really can teach the world a thing or two about martial arts.

In a video uploaded to the YouTube channel EnterTheDojoShow, Mater Ken, a martial arts fighter, successfully manages to hit someone a hundred times in one second.

Now, the video is obviously impressive and shows what looks like two people slapping themselves for a moment until the super slow motion where it turns out that Master Ken was combing his hair, reading, eating, drinking and playing video games while speed hitting his target, his pupil, Todd.

The varied techniques used during the hit are impressive as well, using weaponry, books and cell phones to complete the speed hit, and even though Master Ken is using speed hitting techniques on his pupil, it doesn’t stop him from using below the belt shots and giving paper cuts.

It even shows Ken choking and losing count of the blows, eventually regaining count and finishing with a bang. 

Truly we should all be in awe of the amount of practice and technique it takes to master speed hitting to such a degree.

Stephen Fasulo About the author:
Stephen Fasulo is a student at the Catholic University of America where he is working on his B.A in English. He is from Hollis Center, Maine.
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