This Town is Installing New “Anti-Sex” Toilets Because Apparently It’s a Big Problem

Game over, daredevils! A Welsh town is reportedly so tired of people always sneaking off to the restroom and getting in their quicky, that they have decided to replace the public toilets asap. These new and improved anti-sex toilets are said to stop people from “having inappropriate sexual activity” on them.

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The makeover is said to include new toilets in Porthcawl that are able to detect people having sex and stopping them with the help from an alarm. They will then spray some cold toilet water from its water jets on the perpetrators and the doors will automatically open. Which is terrifying in itself because what if you are just peeing and move a little bit too much, and boom. Your hoohah is exposed to the world.

But, I guess what will save your genitals from being exposed everywhere is their handy-dandy weight sensors that can determine if the person has entered the stall and detect violent movement. The toilets will also be designed to prevent homeless people or rough sleepers hiding inside. If a person remains in the high-tech toilet for too long, a warning message will play and a light and heating switch will turn on, burning your butt.

How much are these anti-sex toilets? They are said to cost Porthcawl Town Council a whopping $200,000, while users will pay an “undetermined fee” to use them. As expected, some residents aren’t convenient that this is the best idea, wondering what could happen to those who are overweight or if a parent needs to take their child to the bathroom.

Which totally makes sense, because a two-year-old will make a mess in there if he or she is left alone. Personally, I don’t really think this is a good idea, but hey, you do you Wales. People can get really creative if they need to be. Don’t get in between two teenagers in search of some…”good time together.”

I get that the city is probably tired of all these kids having sex in bathroom stalls, but this seems a bit too excessive. Let them live! As if futuristic toilets are going to stop these pubescent sex machines.

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