When a Trump voter heckled a comedian as he performed, he shut it down immediately

YouTubr/Steve Hofstetter/Screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In this YouTube video from March 2016, stand-up comedian Steve Hofstetter relives an interaction that occurred at a comedy show prior to the election that resulted in President Trump’s election. Hofstetter vents his frustrations after almost having a perfectly good set ruined by a disrespectful audience member whose attempts to hijack the show were promptly shutdown by the quick-witted comic.

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The audience member in question — who arrived 45 minutes into a 90-minute show — appeared to have an issue with Hofstetter’s political humor, and can be heard yelling “go back to jokes!” Hofstetter handles the situation with dignity, and in parts of the video that were recorded after the incident, he explains his reasons for shutting down the heckler and doubling down on the political material.

Hofstetter is a pro. And his YouTube channel is full of incredibly satisfying videos featuring him dealing with hecklers at comedy shows all over the country.

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