When Art Linkletter asked kids questions, they got way more candid than expected YouTube / Tell Me Now

You never know what kids are going to say when you ask them a question. Those of us of a certain age were lucky enough to watch Art Linkletter highlight this in his show “Kids Say The Darndest Things.”

Art liked interviewing women over 80 years of age and young children. He knew they would give you the most honest answers as they did not have filters. You never knew what the kids were going to say. Often, they would throw their own parents under the bus!

The video below has some of the best clips on the show. One boy thinks George Washington’s wife is Miss America. I guess that is the perfect thing to call Martha Washington. Each kid has the audience rolling in laughter because they each said hilarious things. It is so funny that you will literally laugh out loud!


That video made my day. My favorite was the girl who described the perfect husband and then said she wanted to be a nun. Which one was yours?

The kids telling Bible stories cracked me up, too. I agree with the girl who said “the more wine we get, the better the wedding is!” An open bar makes for a memorable wedding. And I agree that hell does lead to Los Angeles! That kid was onto something!

With today’s political correctness police on patrol, no show on primetime television could ever ask children about Bible stories. They would be concerned about indoctrination and hurting someone’s feelings. This show was on television when America and its children weren’t afraid to speak the truth. Could you imagine them showing a child saying The Lord’s Prayer on TV today? It wouldn’t happen! The PC police would not stand for it.

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