When Carrie Fisher hosted SNL, it was as funny and irreverent as you’d expect Facebook/Star Wars Archives screenshot

Carrie Fisher, who recently passed away, was a film icon for appearing as Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars” film. Fresh off the film’s success, she was asked to host “Saturday Night Live,” and had some great moments doing so.

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“Yeah, I felt a little awkward coming out in my Princess Leia costume,” said Fisher as she opened the show. “It might seem like I’m exploiting ‘Star Wars,’ but if I came out as myself, who would recognize me?”

Fisher then calls for help from someone who has always helped her in the past, Obi-Wan Kenobi, when she tries to make a joke about a bantha and Jabba the Hutt, with Fisher unsure whether the joke is funny, and a voice-over of Obi-Wan telling her that it’s funny.

“Trust your feelings Carrie, let yourself go, it’s a funny joke,” says Kenobi as Fisher doubts herself.

The voice keeps snickering and interjecting during Fisher’s delivery of the joke, and Obi-Wan laughs at it hysterically when she finishes the punchline. Fisher then says she’s grateful for her movie to have come out when it did, because she can’t imagine having been in a sci-fi movie in the fifties, before the cast launches into a skit featuring all the classic “SNL” actors in a ’50s beach party.

“Hi everyone!” Fisher exclaims as she teleports into the scene. “I’m from another galaxy in another time in another movie!”

Then they all break into song.

You will be missed, Carrie Fisher, you were truly talented.

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