When drunk Jimmy Fallon walked into a New York bar nobody knew what was about to happen

On a cold New York night in January 2015 if you walked into Marie’s Crisis in the West Village you may have encountered a very drunk, and very happy late night talk show host. Jimmy Fallon and friends were there and gave the bar’s patrons a night they’d never forget.

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Footage from the evening, which included Fallon singing “Summer Nights” from Grease, “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, and the theme song to TV’s “The Greatest American Hero,” went viral again this week proving that everyone wants to get drunk with Jimmy Fallon.

Though some on the Internet accused Fallon of being a drunk, or even a coke head, others came to his defense saying that his drunken antics look like that of many people who hang out in bars and like to sing.

“Anyway, he seemed to be having fun and so did the crowd,” one redditor commented.

“This is great I would LOVE to have some drinks with jimmy lol,” another wrote.
So would we.

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