When his messy roommate was just too much, this passive aggressive guy got creative

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We’re all familiar with the messy roommate, whether it was a college friend, a relative or it’s us, we’ve all witnessed the mess. Comedian Justin Cousson is one such individual who has to live the reality of the messy roommate. But rather than throw a fit, Cousson decided to get creative. He built what he’s calling the “passive-aggressive art gallery.” Here are a few pictures of his masterpiece.

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Here are a few of the “exhibits” closer up–first we have “cheese knife,” a mixed media piece just recently constructed.

Then there is “sour cream covered spoon, left in sink before leaving town for four days.” It’s a bargain at $3400.

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Next we encounter “knife left out on counter in striking distance of knife block, having been only used to remove seal of ice cream carton, which was also left on the counter.”

One of the most expensive pieces (at $6,000) in the so-called gallery is entitled “boxes left on couch because what even is breaking them down and recycling or even leaving them not on the couch.”

More recently, he’s branched out and gotten even more abstract with a piece he’s calling “choose your weapon.”

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